Thursday, March 31, 2011


Welcome to Americans for Constitutional Integrity! I have created this blog as a way for me to discuss some of my frustrations with violations of the constitution of the United States, specifically those involving religion. As the wave of fiscally conservative legislators who were ushered in during the last mid-term elections begin to introduce bills aimed at "renewing" or "saving" America I have found that many of the bills not only are not focused on budgetary issues but are in direct violation of our nations' constitutional separation of church and state. I will discuss in detail some of these bills, specifically ones dealing with education, abortion, the environment, marriage equality and any number of the religious right supported concepts and ideals. I will also focus on the upcoming (already?) presidential elections and the candidates who are running (or are considering running). I encourage a healthy debate from people but only ask that we all remain civil and avoid personal attacks. I also ask of anyone who decides to weigh in to please support your arguments with factual information. Having said that, I look forward to discussing the important issues and encourage all who follow this blog to share your views and comments.

A.D. Ellis

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